Sr. Consultant - Mobile Engineering

General Mills

General Mills

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Posted on Monday, May 8, 2023

Job Description

India is among the top ten priority markets for General Mills, and hosts our Global Shared Services Centre. This is the Global Shared Services arm of General Mills Inc., which supports its operations worldwide. With over 1,300 employees in Mumbai, the center has capabilities in the areas of Supply Chain, Finance, HR, Digital and Technology, Sales Capabilities, Consumer Insights, ITQ (R&D & Quality), and Enterprise Business Services. Learning and capacity-building is a key ingredient of our success.

Shift Timings - Regular

About General Mills
We make food the world loves: 100 brands. In 100 countries. Across six continents. With iconic brands like Cheerios, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Nature Valley, and Häagen-Dazs, we’ve been serving up food the world loves for 155 years (and counting). Each of our brands has a unique story to tell.

How we make our food is as important as the food we make. Our values are baked into our legacy and continue to accelerate us into the future as an innovative force for good. General Mills was founded in 1866 when Cadwallader Washburn boldly bought the largest flour mill west of the Mississippi. That pioneering spirit lives on today through our leadership team who upholds a vision of relentless innovation while being a force for good. The awards and recognition we’ve received showcase our commitment to be a force for good:

• World’s Most Admired Companies, Fortune 2022
• America’s Most Responsible Companies, Newsweek 2022
• 100 Best Corporate Citizens, 3BL 2021
• Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality, Human Rights Campaign 2022
• 100 Best Companies, Seramount 2021
• Diversity Best Practices Leading Inclusion Index, Seramount 2021
• Best Companies for Dads, Seramount 2021
• Best Companies for Multicultural Women, Seramount 2021
• Top 10 Companies for Executive Women, Seramount 2021
• Military Friendly Employer Bronze, VIQTORY 2021
• Best Place to Work, Canada, Greater Toronto, 2021
• Top 50 – India’s Best Workplaces for Women, 2021
• Top Workplaces in Brazil, 2021
• Asia’s Best Workplaces, 2021

Hungry for What’s Next
We exist to make food the world loves, and it shows. Our passion for people, doing good and creating delicious food has energized us for over 150 years. Breaking away from the pack is how we win, so we need your unique perspectives: your quirks, ‘crazy’ ideas, rigor and insatiable curiosity to make it happen. We want people who constantly experiment, embracing the new and bold, who keep pushing to turn ideas into reality, no matter how big or small. We’ve learned becoming the undisputed leader in food means continuously reshaping, reimagining and rebuilding— that only happens when you surround yourself with those who are hungry for what’s next.

For more details check out

General Mills India Centre
General Mills India Center (GIC) operates out of Mumbai and supports the global operations of General Mills. The center was established in 2005 and has grown in strength. Today, we are a vibrant and diverse team of over 1500 employees that come together to champion business services for the various global entities of General Mills in the areas of Business Operations, Analytics Consulting, Logistics, Finance, IT Development & Technology Consulting, Consumer & Market Intelligence, Sales Capabilities, Research & Development.

Digital and Technology team
Digital and Technology is the largest team in GIC, which focuses on understanding the latest and innovative trends in technology and leading the adoption of cutting-edge technologies at General Mills. The team closely collaborates with global business teams to understand business models and assess where technology can leveraged to bring efficiency and disruption. Be it AI/ML, Data Science, IoT, NLP, Cloud, Infrastructure, RPA and Automation, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Blockchain or Enterprise Architecture, GIC Digital and Technology has something for every technology enthusiast who wants to work here. Our MillsWorks initiative is where we bring agile@scale delivery model to life. Here, business and technology teams work cohesively in pods as ONE team, driven by a singular mission and focused on delivering value for the Company. Our employees, who work on large technology projects of strategic importance, are the Digital Transformation change agents.

Our service partnerships and employee engagement are centered on advancing equity and strengthening communities. We believe in an inclusive culture and trust in the power of people who have a passion for learning and growing with technology. We believe in “Work with Heart”. Work with Heart is focused on results, not facetime. If you are passionate about the latest in technology and want to make an impact on the digital transformation journey of a Fortune 500 company, we're waiting for you.

Job Overview
Role: Sr. Consultant – Mobile Engineering
Location: Mumbai, India
The Sr. Consultant would be responsible for providing technical leadership, designing the architecture of the Flutter mobile application, ensuring high code quality standards are met, developing new features and functionalities, implementing testing strategies, optimizing performance, and mentoring the development team.

Role Responsibilities
• Provide technical leadership to the development team, ensuring that they are following best practices, adhering to coding standards, and building high-quality Flutter mobile applications.
• Design the architecture of the Flutter mobile application, ensuring that it is scalable, maintainable, and meets the functional and non-functional requirements of the application.
• Ensure that the codebase of the Flutter mobile application is of high quality by establishing coding standards, guidelines, and best practices. Conduct code reviews to ensure that the code meets the required standards.
• Develop new features and functionalities for the Flutter mobile application. Collaborate with the product management and design teams to understand the business requirements and translate them into technical requirements.
• Implement testing strategies to ensure that the Flutter mobile application is thoroughly tested. Work with the development team to implement unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests.
• Set up and maintain a CI/CD pipeline for the Flutter mobile application. Ensure that the pipeline is reliable, efficient, and automates the entire build, test, and deployment process.
• Optimize the performance of the Flutter mobile application by analyzing the performance metrics, identifying the bottlenecks, and implementing solutions to improve the performance of the application.
• Create technical documentation for the Flutter mobile application. Document the architecture, design, codebase, and testing strategies to ensure that the development team and other stakeholders have a clear understanding of the application.
• Mentor and coach the development team to help them grow their skills and expertise in Flutter development. Provide guidance, support, and feedback to help the team members achieve their full potential.
• Research new technologies, tools, and frameworks that can be used to improve the development process and the Flutter mobile application. Evaluate the feasibility of using these new technologies and make recommendations to the development team and other stakeholders.

Must - have technical skills and experience
• Strong experience in Flutter development, with a deep understanding of the Flutter framework and its components.
• Proficient in Dart programming language and its best practices.
• Experience in building complex mobile applications with a focus on performance, scalability, and maintainability.
• Expertise in software design patterns and architecture principles, including Model-View-Controller (MVC), Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), and Clean Architecture.
• Knowledge of mobile app development best practices, including unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing.
• Experience with source control management tools, such as Git and GitHub.
• Understanding of RESTful APIs and experience integrating with them.
• Strong problem-solving and debugging skills, with the ability to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Good to have skills
• Working experience on enterprise scale Cross-Platform Application development which includes – Android, iOS & Web with Flutter
• Familiarity with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools and pipelines, such as Jenkins, GitHub Actions, or Azure DevOps
• Familiarity with Agile development methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban.
• Experience with Flutter Integration Testing
• Familiarity with Flutter DevTools

Skill proficiency expectations

Expert level

Intermediate Level

Basic Level

· Flutter

· Dart

· SOLID Principles

· Design Patterns

· Mobile App Architectures

· State Management

· Offline/Device Caching

· Analytics and Performance

· GraphQL and REST

· NoSQL and SQL Databases

· CI/CD Setup

· App Signing and Deployment




We exist to make food the world loves. But we do more than that. Our company is a place that prioritizes being a force for good, a place to expand learning, explore new perspectives and reimagine new possibilities, every day. We look for people who want to bring their best — bold thinkers with big hearts who challenge one other and grow together. Because becoming the undisputed leader in food means surrounding ourselves with people who are hungry for what’s next.