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Allina Health

Buffalo, MN, USA
Posted on Friday, September 22, 2023

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Date Posted:

May 16, 2023


40005710 Anesthesiology


Day/Evening/Night (United States of America)

Shift Length:

Variable shift length

Hours Per Week:


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Weekend Rotation:


Job Summary:

Renders a patient insensitive to pain by the administration of anesthetic agents and related drugs and procedures to facilitate diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical procedures. Provides airway management, IV access and monitored anesthesia care services in areas throughout the facility. Responds to requests for pain-related consultation and services.

Key Position Details:

Experience with pediatric through geriatric patient populations is required. Work in this department closely resembles work in an ASC, but a hospital setting.

Job Description:

Principle Responsibilities

  • Provides Anesthesia care
    • Performs pre-anesthesia assessment and evaluation of patient, reviews orders and obtains informed consent.
    • Assures that the patient is positioned in proper alignment and safely secured.
    • Initiates anesthetic technique, which may include general, regional, local or sedation.
    • Manages airway and cardiopulmonary status to maintain satisfactory physiologic condition.
    • Facilitates emergence and recovery from anesthesia by administering medications, fluids and airway support.
    • Discharges patient, providing summary of patient history and surgical events.
  • Supplies Peri-Anesthetic and Clinical Support
    • Provides this support to other patient care areas.
    • Inserts peripheral and arterial catheters.
    • Performs arterial punctures to obtain blood samples.
    • Initiates or participates in CPR that involves airway maintenance, ventilation, tracheal intubation, pharmacological or cardiovascular support.
    • Acts in consultation and implementation of respiratory and ventilator care.
  • Collaborates with department team
    • Makes decisions that result in desired patient/unit outcomes.
    • Establishes priorities for self and others in organizing work.
    • Acts as a resource to peers and other health related professionals.
    • Assumes charge responsibilities as assigned.
    • Precepts and mentors students and orientees as delegated.
    • Helps to identify and initiate improvement processes.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree Graduate of accredited nursing program required and
  • Master's degree Graduate of Nurse Anesthetist program required
  • Less than 2 years Working as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist required or
  • 2 to 5 years Working as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist preferred, or experience working within Buffalo Hospital.
  • Licensed Registered Nurse - MN Board of Nursing required upon hire and
  • Registered Nurse Anesthetist - MN Board of Nursing required upon hire and
  • ACLS/BLS Tier 2-Advanced Cardiac Life Support - Multisource required upon hire and
  • PALS - Pediatric Advance Life Support - Multisource required upon hire

Leadership Capabilities

  • See the Big Picture: Know where we are going as an organization. Use sound judgement and critical thinking to make good decisions that support our mission.
    • I know where Allina is going and how my role fits into this picture
    • I capture important lessons and share them to foster innovation
    • I am good at anticipating the implications of my decisions
    • I understand and apply the disciplines of continuous improvement
  • Inspire Greatness: Inspire others by connecting their purpose to the broader mission. Lead others through change and celebrate success.
    • I help my team connect to the broader mission
    • I see and fulfill my role in motivating the team around me
    • I celebrate success and help my partners see what is possible with change
    • I call out and address unexpected roadblocks or problems
  • Foster Learning and Growth: Role model growth, ongoing development and self-care. Empower, coach and encourage others to be at their best selves.
    • I role-model self-care and ongoing development
    • I share my knowledge and coach others to foster growth and success
    • I demonstrate enthusiasm for learning
    • I candidly advocate for the resources I need
    • I support my colleagues in their development and growth
  • Deliver Excellence: Set and align clear goals, measure results, and continually improve safety, quality, experience, and innovation.
    • I take ownership of outcomes and fulfillment of goals
    • I facilitate adjustments to assure positive results
    • I work with a sense of urgency, concern and determination
    • I use well-grounded approaches to create sustainable solutions repeatedly
    • I engage and foster improvements to impact safety, quality, and efficiency
  • Succeed Together: Connect with others authentically. Recognize the value of each individual and seek diverse points of view. Collaborate to succeed together.
    • I consider how decisions might impact my colleagues
    • I am generous in my commitment to supporting the needs of my partners
    • I respect others’ opinions, praise good work and encourage all team members to be involved
    • I seek common ground and work to create mutually beneficial outcomes

Functional Competencies

    Physical Demands
    Medium Work*:
    Lifting weight Up to 32 lbs. occasionally (*Allina Safe Patient Moving Policy), Up to 25 lbs. frequently